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Golden Hour (Daniel Trim Remix)

Jessy Greene & The Axiom —  2022 / 1 Tracks / Top Town Records

Top Town Records’ 2022 begins in style with the remix of the track “Golden Hour” by Jessy Greene & The Axiom by Daniel Trim.
A new release to inaugurate the new year for the new label of a decisive experimental nature dedicated to indie music – where the sound is enriched with refined electronic influences exploring dance, pop and rock – of the PP Productions group headed by Villahangar, which debuted in the year just ended.

A track, Golden Hour, by the violinist, cellist, composer and singer – who has collaborated with names such as Foo Fighters, P!nk, Post Malone, Rita Ora, RZA, Ben Harper and Soul Asylum – Jessy Greene & The Axiom, intense and fascinating, thanks to the very important role of the stunning musicality of the violins and the voice of Jessy Greene.

Daniel Trim, teacher and music producer with a long and solid career, has interpreted it with his very personal creative flair, creating a mix between ancient and modern style respecting the original time of the song.
For the main parts used to create his track he focused on violins giving rise to guitar backgrounds and dense rhythms that duplicate the beats in some parts. To finish, with the pairing of voices, he gave the final touch.

Daniel Trim was born in Zaragoza in Spain, lived in Barcelona and now returned to his hometown, to be exact in a fantastic village near the city, he has a long and consolidated career. He started very young, playing various instruments from an early age, until he fell in love with synthesizers. His last work published was with the physical label Get, a reference label for underground electronic music. Impossible to relegate him to a genre, his is a style very difficult to classify, which lives an eternal evolution: he has published many songs, from techno to purist house, with a single constant: always productions with a very accurate sound carpet.

Involved in music and sound throughout his life, he worked as a sound engineer in hundreds of concerts and studio recordings for other bands, creating songs for many artists. He has been teaching since 1999, and given the historical moment, he is now very focused on online course platforms.

The label entrusts the creative signature to the artist Mosè Schwarz , Swiss painter, draftsman and illustrator