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The releases continue for Top Town Records, the new label of a strong experimental nature dedicated to indie music, where the sound is enriched with refined electronic influences exploring dance, pop and rock.

The Label Top Town Records is part of the PP Production group that belongs to Villahangar, and debuted in autumn 2021 with the song “Coupled Spins” by Freaky Farm. To welcome the new year 2022, it released the remix of the track “Golden Hour” by Jessy Greene & The Axiom by Daniel Trim and then launched Only the good ones EP, signed by Leo Guardo, Cali Satellites and Brontë Horder.

So here we are at the second release of the new year, the fourth for the label, which to welcome the summer in June launches Percepctions EP, signed by Everything Counts together with Christian Micaël Schwarz and which marks the debut of their collaboration.

The duo of DJs and producers composed of the Bulgarian Toshka and the Salvadoran born in Italy Chris Leon, thus launches a new EP together with the singer, composer and frontman of Freaky Farm Christian Micaël Schwarz composed of three tracks: “Different Clouds”, “Date Back” and “Tornado”.

This joint collaboration combines their different styles with the aim of finding a meeting point between opposings that attract. A continuous search for one’s own unique style far from stereotypes and clichés, in a sound experimentation that gives rise to the perfect encounter between different souls that connect able to draw infinite landscapes, a true source of inspiration for the imagination. Electronic sounds, indie, with 80’s references. Synths sometimes exasperated and sound environments wide and spatial.

The evocative title, Perceptions, designates the act of becoming aware of an external reality, to which feeling, vision, synesthesia, polysensory and hallucination are associated: all tools that allow you to get in touch with primordial dimensions and worlds, fundamental to evolution and personal growth. The result? The onset of a visual image as a result of an acoustic stimulus, in complete freedom.

Also, for the track “Date Back”, Daniel Trim signs the remix. The Spanish teacher, music producer, musician and sound engineer with a long and solid career, has interpreted it with his very personal creative flair, creating an experimental remix with a decidedly indie rock imprint. This is the second remix for him with Top Town Records, after the first one released for the label this year of the track “Golden Hour” by Jessy Green & The Axiom.

Everything Counts & Christian Micaël Schwarz – Percepctions EP Q&A Everything Counts:

For your new EP with Top Town Records, as far as the sound carpet and inspiration are concerned, what did you work on? How did the project come about?

The project was born in the middle of the pandemic in 2020, after the discovery of his voice thanks to a mutual friend (Artiglio, Owner of the 3-4-1 cuts label) and the remix we had done for his group Freaky Farm.
His voice is particular and we had noticed a skill in writing the lyrics … it is not easy to find a singer who knows how to write well. We have worked with several singers but often, the collaboration is complex for several reasons! In addition, he is Swiss and therefore also easier to communicate and work in person.
We met and after hours of conversation we realized that we had two completely different backgrounds but somehow also close. We Everything Counts have a very large musical culture and we still found a common interest in collaborating. The project represents the desire to experience something different from our usual sound! But above all different from the world of clubbing. We want to be music producers – and also DJs of course – without being labeled in a single sector/genre of music. We are always looking for different sounds and if it happens again in the future, we will do it. Clearly, we will never make commercial music, which does not belong to us 🙂
We were already working on an Indie track and after his acquaintance we decided to present this track to him. He liked it immediately and we all left for this new adventure.
The sounds are electronic, indie, with 80’s references… Synths sometimes exasperated and wide sound environments… Space…

A new realease from Top Town Records: what prompted you to release a new track here? How much does the DNA of the label reflect your new project and what concept or new direction do you want to follow with this new EP?

This is a SIDE PROJECT for us. We decided to keep our names as DJs and producers but it does not mean that from now on we will only do this.
Repeat…. It is our desire to experiment and be producers.
Top Town Records is a small label but with a great alternative vision that reflects what we want to do with Chris. For us communication is very important and in this the label is very good. Unfortunately, often, even publishing on renowned labels leads to nothing.

What historical moment do you think electronic music is currently experiencing on the international scene? What historical moment do you think the electronic music scene is experiencing in Switzerland?

The scene has always been evolving. It is normal that this is so, in recent years it is very difficult to propose something really different. The 80’s electronic sounds are back a lot but they are often brought into a club situation. In inland Switzerland there are numerous and highly esteemed artists of international caliber who propose this sound. And few have dared to leave the club totally. We tried, in our own small way. We are happy with what we have done.


Christian Micaël Schwarz:

What do you think about the sound identity of the project?

It is a work in progress, a sound experimentation that seeks its own identity trying to combine different styles and influences, deriving from the experience made by each of us during our own life journey. The fact of not fossilizing, of remaining open and vigilant, far from stereotypes or predefined models, pushes the identity of the project towards continuous sonic mutations resulting from a continuous re- entry into play, with the mind free and eager for constant changes.

You are singer, frontman, composer, songwriter. Perceptions EP consists of three tracks – Different Clouds, Date Back and Tornado. – What is your role in this new project and how did you work?

My role would be mainly to deal with voices and lyrics but I realize that I am involved in the whole creative process that leads to the realization of the finished product. I like to be able to have my say, I am a passionate observer and I come from a family that has transmitted to me the love for the arts and culture in general, I think I can be of help in many things that can bring benefits to a project and I feel pleasure in doing so.

Yours, with Freaky Farm, is the role of frontman-lyricist, the one you feels most yours. Is this also the case in this project with Everything Counts?

I feel that I am a very curious and multifaceted person, I have never been able to specialize in a specific thing and I face the artistic field in the same way. I like to maintain a 360-degree view of everything around me and I draw a lot of inspiration and personal growth from everyday life, from its magic, I have so many things yet to learn that I do not see myself pleased with the talents acquired. In this project I do not want to give myself limits or occlusions, I want to let the energies flow freely, so as to allow creativity to manifest itself without intrusions or impositions, I want to be free to use everything I have available to create sounds and verses.