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Born in the shade of a fairytale toadstool, in a clearing redolent of sabbaths and cradled by soft mosses and fragrant bark, their eyes gazing skywards as if awaiting a visitor from afar, Christian Micaël Schwarz and Marco Kohler, a.k.a Freaky Farm are two psychedelic elves who favour music images, videograms, verse and prose as a channel through which to manifest their presence. As they seek spontaneously to find their own slot in the perpetual motion of existence, Freaky Farm reads and interprets the movements of nature in its entirety, in search of the perfect sonic prescription. Observing its eternal mutations seen through the prism of a droplet of dew, they reach out to new lands in their search for their own life manifesto.

Christian Micaël Schwarz, singer,frontman,composer,songwriter,active since 2000 in various projects as Zodiac Project, Tracelements,Poltergeist…had multiple collaborations with artists such Alpinestars, Second Gen, Scalper and Wattsriot from UK,Integral and Free Design and Ryu Furusawa from Japan,Milligramme from France and Konrad from US just to name a few.

Marco Kohler,radio journalist at the Swiss National Radio,composer,drummer of Poltergeist and talented video maker.