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Top Town Records returns in a new guise, a label dedicated to indie music, where the sound is enriched with refined electronic influences, and gives birth to its first release in Fall 2021.

Top Town Records’ debut release is signed by Freaky Farm with the track “Coupled Spins”: a musical base made by Marco Kohler who from a piano ride, become emotional thanks to the harmonic variation in minor decidedly ruffian at the end of that lap, on that Christian Micaël Schwarz created the perfect vocal line.

Such an organic, distant and melancholic piano, and on the back a low and vigorous electronic carpet that served as a counterbalance.
In response to the nostalgic verse, the chorus is like the spring sun, but not after a winter rain, rather like the fulfillment of an ecstatic awakening.
The rest was a fruit of momentum: rhythmic, fruit of the partnership between the two and by Chris’ taste for syncopation.
The Hammond B3, constant of Marco Kohler’s compositions, like a falcon that crosses the blue sky, to remind how right it is to remain vigilant.
The special segment in reverse is the peak of the style, the unconscious fruit of the assiduous listening of youth of some post-67 (post-Epstein) experiments of the Beatles: Chris’ singing in this single crosses orbits of tranquility, aggression and spring lightness.

The Freaky Farm tell: “Coupled Spins is a very emotional song, full of echoes and reverbs that recall an ideal world, everything was born in a very spontaneous and pure way, the sense of space and freedom can be clearly perceived in the chosen sounds and in the vocal interpretation that is accompanied from lyrics that mix sacred and profane life where gods and valiant men share things together; it is the adventure of the conscience of brave beings who have chosen to dedicate their existence to things that have little to do with human society, beings that are in the perennial search for the impeccability of the gesture”.

“Coupled Spins”, a pair of things that rotate together in the same direction. Paired rides, just like Freaky Farm.

Christian Micaël Schwarz and Marco Kohler, aka Freaky Farm.

Swiss, curious, hungry for art and knowledge, in an eternal becoming of experimentation and creativity they explore galaxies and approaches. A duo with a different and original sound. Detached from schemes or preconceptions. Pure and unconditional. Beyond the mere categorizations, expedients of the modern world in the classification at all costs for convenience.

A twenty-year partnership first of all human that then became artistic – where music is only one aspect – to crown a great spiritual and musical affinity. Where the vision and interpretation of a common creative concept find their full expression.

Two volcanic personalities, different but similar. Souls with each their own identity and vision but who share a feeling and an attitude to art in its noblest sense, without contamination. And that always converge in a unicum, a hybrid that represents both. Music production as militancy and not as mass entertainment. Nonconformist but real, able to give meaning to an entire existence.

Chris – singer, frontman, composer, active since 2000. As Freaky Farm he deals with writing, lyrics, singing, second voices. He loves guitar and old synthesizers, and has inherited all the vinyls of his father and uncles.

Marco Kohler – journalist, editor and radio producer. Son of a musical instrument shopkeeper, musician, sound engineer, luthier, music lover, he is a jazz-trained drummer and talented videomaker. As Freaky Farm he deals with composition and musical arrangement.

Freaky Farm is freedom. Magic. Unexpected. The courage of independence. To tend towards new boundaries that are still unexplored. A strong, changeable and unpredictable musical identity. Impossible to box.
No change, no evolution.

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    01. Coupled Spins
    Freaky Farm

  • cover play_circle_filled

    01. Different Clouds
    Everything Counts, Christian Micaël Schwarz

  • cover play_circle_filled

    02. Date Back
    Everything Counts, Christian Micaël Schwarz

  • cover play_circle_filled

    03. Tornado
    Everything Counts, Christian Micaël Schwarz

  • cover play_circle_filled

    04. Date Back (Daniel Trim Remix)
    Everything Counts, Christian Micaël Schwarz

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